Saturday, August 30, 2008

High School- Hectic

Well, my first week of High-School was intresting... Per-say.

I'm taking...

Language/English 1
Algebra 1
Latin 1
Teen leadership
Bioligy Honors
World Geography
Foundation personal fitness...

Day 1:

I woke up, I ate a bagel... I showered... I dressed, I went. The first day was confuzzling, but easy. We went to each class for about twenty minutes to learn about the school and learn our schedule... Easy day.

Day 2:

I had an omlet this morning, it was okay... I geuss. Same routine, basically. Today we had regular periods and we learned about what WE WOULD BE learning this year in our classes... I had Taekwondo practice that night, which was going over forms and such... Still fun.

Day 3:

I woke up a little late, I had a pineapple smoothie which was cool... I was really tired... I fell half asleep during an assembly thing... It was boring though. Blah. Classes were cool, I found out that I had some friends in some classes I didn't expect... Which is awesome. Went to friends house afterwords and played Dead or alive 3 for a while on his modded Xbox, went to church.

Day 4:

Got to sleep in because of late arrival, which was friggin' sweet. Had another bagel ( I love bagels) School was REALLLLLLY Blah today, it felt...way too normal, somewhat. I had more practice after school, more forms, more stuff. So tired at the end.

Day 5: FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I had another Bagel ( Typical) And I headed off to school, first mistake was... I forgot my lunch ( Ouch) Had a bioligy test, which I aced! During second period ( Language-English) I went to my locker and ended up getting all seven of my school books and put em' in my bag.. ( About 50 pounds...) Which really got tiring.

I read this story called " The most Dangerous Game" which I thought was cool, I realize now that I've seen countless parodies of it in cartoons over the years and deeply appreciate this short story.

After 2nd we had a Pep rally because of football and volleyball tonight ( Friday night) I don't really like pep rallies and I couldn't find ANYONE I know to sit by, which sucked. After the pep rally I had Algebra which was pretty easy, not to mention short because of the rally.

During Latin, me and one of my friends kept joking around about how latin words end up sounding... Cereberus ( Sounds like: Care-Bear-is) Innapropritate jokes and the lot. Which reminds me, I need to talk to my folks about the Europe trip I might want to go on with my Latin class teacher, it's to Italy and rome and stuff, it cost like... 4000 big ones though... :(

I had teen leadership next... which I remembered about a project, so I had to do it in like... 5 seconds, and still got a good grade on it.

Forgot my lunch.... Lunch Sucked... my friend gave me some doritos though.

I went to PE next and we did some actual PE stuff for once.

Seventh period was Geography which I DID do homework for! So I aced that class today without any problems..

When I was heading out, I tried looking for my friend I ride home with and couldn't find him.. I waited and then went looking... turns out when I did that, he came to the meeting point and thought I left... so HE left... Ended up really mixed up.

Went home, had lunch, got some rest.

Went to Sparring practice, ended up being closed because of the holiday weekend. Got my custom energy drink, went home and changed.

Rented Virtua fighter 5, invited my friend, played until 3:00 AM...

And thats about it.

I'll give a review about Virtua fighter 5 in a bit, maybe tommorow.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Taek-Won-Do Sparring Practice

geez, Friday's sparring practice was brutal, I had to face such UNFAIR opponents.

Keep in mind I'm a white belt, new.

I had to spar against a 15-16 year old green belt girl, taller then me. She's good, she let me get a few hits in on her. I face this girl like...every time, the redhead.

Then I had to spar this 30 something year old yellow belt man who was ripped, he was like 6'3 and weighed over 240... He kicked hard and punched hard, might as well not even wore gear, it hurt like I wasn't wearing it... he kicked me in the jaw pretty hard one of the times..

In related news, I have a rank test in a few weeks ( ORANGE BELT!)

Bought some mountain lightning which is just as good as mountain dew ( close.) Except it's disgusting when warm... for some reason.

Until later.

Feelin' sick

I've been in the cooking mood alot lately, I made spicy meatballs yesterday which were delicious. And I made Egg strips for breakfast this morning, Well, I used the leftover sauce from the meatballs on a tortilla pizza quesidilla for lunch...and my stomach's a little weak for spicy stuff... so I feel bad right now.

I'm missing church tonight since I'm sick, going to lay down... take it easy.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Meh, it's been pretty dull, Played some more mario bros and such, been playing alot more Oblivion. Thinking of Buying the P90X workout, have the elemanation rounds of a tourney coming up in December. So I need to get a little more fit.

My Novel is pretty much on hiatus, because I've been less inspired for a while now...Taekwondo practice has been pretty sweet and things are alright.

It just feels bland, ya know?


And I'm learning the thriller, I watched all those videos on Youtube, You know " Thrill the world!" So, I'm being Thrillericious right now. Sorta. The dance is hard, especially when it gets fast. X_X

I wish you guys would post more, feels like I'm just blogging to myself... Which is NOT " Super special awesome!" ( Abridged series quote)


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Friday And Saturday, oooooohhhh....

Well, Friday was really dull... Sorta. The actual day part was nothing... But later that evening I had sparring practice. The excercises were BRUTAL! And my opponents were awkward...

I'm a white belt, I faced a 15 year old redhead girl with a green belt, a 9 year old runty green belt and a pre-teen purple belt!

The first opponent was good, but let me get some easy hits, the runty kid... I just hit him on the headgear a few times, kicking him would like...kill him. The purple belt kid was fast and furious! Geez...

After that I got a good custom energy drink from a gas station, 70% Vault, 20% Mountain dew, 8% Mango energy drink and 2% energy shot. I went over to my friends house for the night and we had some pizza and played Oblivion on a new account of my creation. It was cool. Slept in until like 12:00 and went home, spent the rest of the day reading " 1985" By Tim Ordin or something like that.

Went to church, went to bible study... Went to Jasons deli and had some chili. Had some ice cream...spit the ice cream on some trees... you know, regular stuff. So now we're at my house and watching Wrestling/playing oblivion.

Until next time, Joshua!

Energy Drink Review: Vitamin energy-Dragonfruit

"Adam and Eve really had it easy... Work involved frolicking in a garden, the dating scene meant choosing the only other person in existance, and there was no washing or buying new clothes (They just grabbed a fresh leaf).

But times have changed, cubicles have replaced gardens, pick-up lines are sent via text message, and Adam and Eve's au natural wardrobe will get you arrested.

Well we think they had the right idea- Keepin' it natural. That's why we're bringing it back. We created an energy drink made with only natural caffeine for immidiate energy, C and B vitamins for metabolic energy and Ribose for substained energy. We're not like those glow in the dark energy drinks that are loaded with artifical sweetners, sodium and preservatives.

So go party like your blog worthy, study 'Biology' with your favorite lab partner, or practice the moonwalk through your graveyard shift, but most importantly go au natural ( Just please remember your fig leaf). "

That's what the back of the can says, and I have to say that I love when they put stuff like that on the back, makes everything better. So lets start scoring this thing I picked off the shelf of a super target.

Note: This doesn't count as my blog, this is just a review, I'll have another blog tonight.

Appearance: It looks like a vitamin, which is what I geuss they were going for, the can shape isn't that original, but that's okay. The text on the back is awesome, so there are some extra points...

Score: 7/10

Taste: I thought it would taste sweet and fruity, but that first taste was a shocker, not only does it smell gnarly, it tastes sub-par, kind of bitter. There's like no carbanation what-so-ever and it's just plain bad. I had hope for this drink, but I guess thats in vain.

Score: 20/45

Effectiveness: Well, I thought there still might be hope for this drink. But I geuss salvation is avoided in this situation, this gave me barely any boost at all, it may be natural, but it's like having 1/10th of a real energy drink.

Score: 15/45

Overall Score: 42 F-

Conclusion: This stuff basically sucks, if you see it, keep on moving, DON'T GET IT.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hey, Badass new blog!

Well, I'm new to bloggin in a sense, so I might seem a little slow at first, but trust me, this blog will be rockin' it!

I'm going to be bloggin' about:

Energy Drinks
Video Games
TV shows

And other stuff! Just be droppin' hints for things you wanna see blogged about!

I geuss I'll go on a blog about how summers been,

At the beggining of summer I went on this super-cool-not-for-you ( I use that phrase ALOT, get used to it. :P) Beach retreat in Alabama and had an awsome time, even though I spent my free time inside the condo either talking to fellow nerds about moves, anime and games or drawing.

On one of the days I got sick, which really sucked because I was throwing up all this stomach acid stuff which was awful, I had to live off crackers, sprite and gatorade! On the way back, I played the lisense plate game for some reason and ended up playing Hits! ( Which I can suck at sometimes.)

When I got home, It was pretty boring for a little while, I invented a game similar to D&D and made my friends addicted, went for a twelve hour gaming event and then pretty much became a vegetable when my friend had to go away.

But, for some reason I'm not allowed to be a lump... so my dad took me to Galveston for a day trip, which turned out awesome!

The car ride was boring, but once we got there we had FUN. We started by going to Colonel Bubbies which is an old military surplus store, There were a LOT of cool things there, especially at the front desk where all the old military knives are. I wanted to get one, but I was broke at the time... So sad... After that, we headed off to some other shops, mostly antique stores ( Which was a more dull part...) After finding nothin cool in the shops we headed off to the S.S Alyssa musuem thing which was pretty sweet, though I'm not much of a boat person...

We went to another museum after that, some oil rig which was only a little sweet... It was JUST an oil rig... After that we went to find lunch, after not finding anything good, we went to Fuddruckers ( Which I hated because of a young life experience...but thats another tale.) I got a big burger and we decided to split some hot wings.

I put Mustard, Honey Mustard, ketchup, pickles and ounions on it and some cheese sauce, I got some root beer and we grabbed a table. The burger was gross, the pickles were too sour and it tasted burnt. The hotwings were friggin' sweet and HOTTER THEN HELL! Burned my lips, they did. After that we headed off to the beach and that was pretty much the end of the day.

During the two weeks my friend was gone, I ordered a laptop ( Which I'm using RIGHT NOW) :)

I played Mario bros. on the SNES ( Our NES doesn't work anymore <.<) And beat everyone with my always " 400,000-900,000" Scores and my " Beat it in less then twelve minutes" Speed. This is pretty much the only game I rule the school at... During this we developed our little Coffee bets, which was played for in Mario. The winner had to buy the loser coffee at their place of choice, around 11:00 PM.

I always chose " On the run" Ice coffee, Vanilla-Mocha-Sumthin which is delicious. My Mom and sister chose Mc'Donalds ice coffee... And when my friend got back, he got Hot coffee- Winter mint Supercharged.

I started Mixed Martial Arts lessons and I've been having fun with that, so my summer has gone pretty well. Too bad schools about to start up...

Thats all for tonight, see ya soon.