Saturday, August 16, 2008

Energy Drink Review: Vitamin energy-Dragonfruit

"Adam and Eve really had it easy... Work involved frolicking in a garden, the dating scene meant choosing the only other person in existance, and there was no washing or buying new clothes (They just grabbed a fresh leaf).

But times have changed, cubicles have replaced gardens, pick-up lines are sent via text message, and Adam and Eve's au natural wardrobe will get you arrested.

Well we think they had the right idea- Keepin' it natural. That's why we're bringing it back. We created an energy drink made with only natural caffeine for immidiate energy, C and B vitamins for metabolic energy and Ribose for substained energy. We're not like those glow in the dark energy drinks that are loaded with artifical sweetners, sodium and preservatives.

So go party like your blog worthy, study 'Biology' with your favorite lab partner, or practice the moonwalk through your graveyard shift, but most importantly go au natural ( Just please remember your fig leaf). "

That's what the back of the can says, and I have to say that I love when they put stuff like that on the back, makes everything better. So lets start scoring this thing I picked off the shelf of a super target.

Note: This doesn't count as my blog, this is just a review, I'll have another blog tonight.

Appearance: It looks like a vitamin, which is what I geuss they were going for, the can shape isn't that original, but that's okay. The text on the back is awesome, so there are some extra points...

Score: 7/10

Taste: I thought it would taste sweet and fruity, but that first taste was a shocker, not only does it smell gnarly, it tastes sub-par, kind of bitter. There's like no carbanation what-so-ever and it's just plain bad. I had hope for this drink, but I guess thats in vain.

Score: 20/45

Effectiveness: Well, I thought there still might be hope for this drink. But I geuss salvation is avoided in this situation, this gave me barely any boost at all, it may be natural, but it's like having 1/10th of a real energy drink.

Score: 15/45

Overall Score: 42 F-

Conclusion: This stuff basically sucks, if you see it, keep on moving, DON'T GET IT.

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shenaz said...

I think they all taste nasty, why not just have a few cups of coffee for energy and call it a day?