Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Meh, it's been pretty dull, Played some more mario bros and such, been playing alot more Oblivion. Thinking of Buying the P90X workout, have the elemanation rounds of a tourney coming up in December. So I need to get a little more fit.

My Novel is pretty much on hiatus, because I've been less inspired for a while now...Taekwondo practice has been pretty sweet and things are alright.

It just feels bland, ya know?


And I'm learning the thriller, I watched all those videos on Youtube, You know " Thrill the world!" So, I'm being Thrillericious right now. Sorta. The dance is hard, especially when it gets fast. X_X

I wish you guys would post more, feels like I'm just blogging to myself... Which is NOT " Super special awesome!" ( Abridged series quote)


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