Saturday, August 23, 2008

Taek-Won-Do Sparring Practice

geez, Friday's sparring practice was brutal, I had to face such UNFAIR opponents.

Keep in mind I'm a white belt, new.

I had to spar against a 15-16 year old green belt girl, taller then me. She's good, she let me get a few hits in on her. I face this girl like...every time, the redhead.

Then I had to spar this 30 something year old yellow belt man who was ripped, he was like 6'3 and weighed over 240... He kicked hard and punched hard, might as well not even wore gear, it hurt like I wasn't wearing it... he kicked me in the jaw pretty hard one of the times..

In related news, I have a rank test in a few weeks ( ORANGE BELT!)

Bought some mountain lightning which is just as good as mountain dew ( close.) Except it's disgusting when warm... for some reason.

Until later.

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