Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hey, Badass new blog!

Well, I'm new to bloggin in a sense, so I might seem a little slow at first, but trust me, this blog will be rockin' it!

I'm going to be bloggin' about:

Energy Drinks
Video Games
TV shows

And other stuff! Just be droppin' hints for things you wanna see blogged about!

I geuss I'll go on a blog about how summers been,

At the beggining of summer I went on this super-cool-not-for-you ( I use that phrase ALOT, get used to it. :P) Beach retreat in Alabama and had an awsome time, even though I spent my free time inside the condo either talking to fellow nerds about moves, anime and games or drawing.

On one of the days I got sick, which really sucked because I was throwing up all this stomach acid stuff which was awful, I had to live off crackers, sprite and gatorade! On the way back, I played the lisense plate game for some reason and ended up playing Hits! ( Which I can suck at sometimes.)

When I got home, It was pretty boring for a little while, I invented a game similar to D&D and made my friends addicted, went for a twelve hour gaming event and then pretty much became a vegetable when my friend had to go away.

But, for some reason I'm not allowed to be a lump... so my dad took me to Galveston for a day trip, which turned out awesome!

The car ride was boring, but once we got there we had FUN. We started by going to Colonel Bubbies which is an old military surplus store, There were a LOT of cool things there, especially at the front desk where all the old military knives are. I wanted to get one, but I was broke at the time... So sad... After that, we headed off to some other shops, mostly antique stores ( Which was a more dull part...) After finding nothin cool in the shops we headed off to the S.S Alyssa musuem thing which was pretty sweet, though I'm not much of a boat person...

We went to another museum after that, some oil rig which was only a little sweet... It was JUST an oil rig... After that we went to find lunch, after not finding anything good, we went to Fuddruckers ( Which I hated because of a young life experience...but thats another tale.) I got a big burger and we decided to split some hot wings.

I put Mustard, Honey Mustard, ketchup, pickles and ounions on it and some cheese sauce, I got some root beer and we grabbed a table. The burger was gross, the pickles were too sour and it tasted burnt. The hotwings were friggin' sweet and HOTTER THEN HELL! Burned my lips, they did. After that we headed off to the beach and that was pretty much the end of the day.

During the two weeks my friend was gone, I ordered a laptop ( Which I'm using RIGHT NOW) :)

I played Mario bros. on the SNES ( Our NES doesn't work anymore <.<) And beat everyone with my always " 400,000-900,000" Scores and my " Beat it in less then twelve minutes" Speed. This is pretty much the only game I rule the school at... During this we developed our little Coffee bets, which was played for in Mario. The winner had to buy the loser coffee at their place of choice, around 11:00 PM.

I always chose " On the run" Ice coffee, Vanilla-Mocha-Sumthin which is delicious. My Mom and sister chose Mc'Donalds ice coffee... And when my friend got back, he got Hot coffee- Winter mint Supercharged.

I started Mixed Martial Arts lessons and I've been having fun with that, so my summer has gone pretty well. Too bad schools about to start up...

Thats all for tonight, see ya soon.

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