Saturday, August 30, 2008

High School- Hectic

Well, my first week of High-School was intresting... Per-say.

I'm taking...

Language/English 1
Algebra 1
Latin 1
Teen leadership
Bioligy Honors
World Geography
Foundation personal fitness...

Day 1:

I woke up, I ate a bagel... I showered... I dressed, I went. The first day was confuzzling, but easy. We went to each class for about twenty minutes to learn about the school and learn our schedule... Easy day.

Day 2:

I had an omlet this morning, it was okay... I geuss. Same routine, basically. Today we had regular periods and we learned about what WE WOULD BE learning this year in our classes... I had Taekwondo practice that night, which was going over forms and such... Still fun.

Day 3:

I woke up a little late, I had a pineapple smoothie which was cool... I was really tired... I fell half asleep during an assembly thing... It was boring though. Blah. Classes were cool, I found out that I had some friends in some classes I didn't expect... Which is awesome. Went to friends house afterwords and played Dead or alive 3 for a while on his modded Xbox, went to church.

Day 4:

Got to sleep in because of late arrival, which was friggin' sweet. Had another bagel ( I love bagels) School was REALLLLLLY Blah today, it felt...way too normal, somewhat. I had more practice after school, more forms, more stuff. So tired at the end.

Day 5: FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I had another Bagel ( Typical) And I headed off to school, first mistake was... I forgot my lunch ( Ouch) Had a bioligy test, which I aced! During second period ( Language-English) I went to my locker and ended up getting all seven of my school books and put em' in my bag.. ( About 50 pounds...) Which really got tiring.

I read this story called " The most Dangerous Game" which I thought was cool, I realize now that I've seen countless parodies of it in cartoons over the years and deeply appreciate this short story.

After 2nd we had a Pep rally because of football and volleyball tonight ( Friday night) I don't really like pep rallies and I couldn't find ANYONE I know to sit by, which sucked. After the pep rally I had Algebra which was pretty easy, not to mention short because of the rally.

During Latin, me and one of my friends kept joking around about how latin words end up sounding... Cereberus ( Sounds like: Care-Bear-is) Innapropritate jokes and the lot. Which reminds me, I need to talk to my folks about the Europe trip I might want to go on with my Latin class teacher, it's to Italy and rome and stuff, it cost like... 4000 big ones though... :(

I had teen leadership next... which I remembered about a project, so I had to do it in like... 5 seconds, and still got a good grade on it.

Forgot my lunch.... Lunch Sucked... my friend gave me some doritos though.

I went to PE next and we did some actual PE stuff for once.

Seventh period was Geography which I DID do homework for! So I aced that class today without any problems..

When I was heading out, I tried looking for my friend I ride home with and couldn't find him.. I waited and then went looking... turns out when I did that, he came to the meeting point and thought I left... so HE left... Ended up really mixed up.

Went home, had lunch, got some rest.

Went to Sparring practice, ended up being closed because of the holiday weekend. Got my custom energy drink, went home and changed.

Rented Virtua fighter 5, invited my friend, played until 3:00 AM...

And thats about it.

I'll give a review about Virtua fighter 5 in a bit, maybe tommorow.

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